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There is nothing worse than watching a plant wither from disease shortly after it blossoms. While it is impossible to fully prevent plants from dying, it is possible to treat sick and insect infested plants. Aerate Dethatch Pathology is the premier source for plant disease treatment in Rock Falls, IL, because we develop personalized plans that treat all types of issues associated with plant disease!

We utilize organic and minimal impact solutions that are intended to help Mother Nature do her job rather than destroy all bacteria in sight. Not all insects and bacterial infections are “bad”—if the good ones are wiped out during a toxic treatment, there is nothing left to stop the bad ones from reproducing in the event of recontamination.

Further, many causes of plant disease can be traced back to physical issues rather than biological ones. For example, soil nutrient deficiencies can result in weed growth and compacted soils that restrict airflow. In many cases, soil imbalances are caused by improper placement of plants, excessive watering, or by using the wrong fertilizers, instead of by insects carrying diseases.

Once the affected plants are treated, it is important for caretakers to be proactive in prevention. Our experts will recommend appropriate fertilizers to be used at specific times throughout the seasons to help keep your plants healthy and resistant. If there is a plant we cannot bring back to health, allow us to help you prevent the same problem from happening again in the future!

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