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The lawn is one of the first things visitors notice when arriving at your home or business. First impressions are made in less than a second, and you do not want brown patches or unruly weeds to be factored into your property’s image. Our lawn disease treatment in Rock Falls, IL, will restore your lawn’s health and beauty!

Maintaining a healthy lawn through the seasons can be difficult without proper guidance. Each lawn is always susceptible to disease because pathogens can remain dormant in the thatch or plants until the right conditions arise. The key is to make your lawn as resistant as possible with a proactive and personalized regimen.

Applying the appropriate amount and type of fertilizer is the first step to solving soil issues. Too much nitrogen can result in brown patches and leaf spots while too little can result in fairy rings and dollar spots. However, finding the right fertilizer is only half the battle—you also need to apply it at optimal times. Our guidance will aid in weed control, soil maintenance, and keeping a disease-free lawn.

It is also important to monitor the moisture in your lawn. A moist environment with little irrigation or air flow is perfect for bacterial growth, even during the winter months. Snow mold is a common problem that results from an accumulation of moisture for an extended period of time and can damage roots if left untreated.

If your lawn is having trouble recuperating from an infection, our treatments can help. Aeration will promote airflow and water penetration while dethatching will remove the excess thatch microorganisms cannot digest. An overseeding treatment should follow one or both of these procedures to thicken your lawn and prevent weeds from sprouting up.

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